Hidden items:

Some levels contain hidden silver chests with high level equipment. These items can not be made by forging, upgrading or be bought in the market. The chests are harder to reach than regular chests and may result in depleting your energy and technology so that you cannot complete your challenge. The hidden chests look the same as regular chests.

Note: The Sturdy Diamond Pick requires a Sturdy Gem Backpack to acquire, as it provides a +1 Tunneling Shovel distance.

Image Name Power Obtained level Special ability
IMG 1941
Drill Pick 10 2 Increases mine stability by 25.0%.
IMG 1944
Sturdy Sprocket Pick 37 18

Increases energy gained from mining red crystals by 60.0%.

Decreases gold mined from gold blocks by 50.0%.

IMG 1947
Sturdy Diamond Pick 37 40 Multiplies gold mines from gold rocks by 3.0.
IMG 1842
Mighty Wing Blade 80 58 Multiplies gems found in chests by 2.0.