Levels can contain up to six different chests from which you can obtain loot.

Silver chests:

Silver chests contain equipment and occasionally diamonds.

Silver chest

Gold chests:

Gold chests contain a gold star, which is needed if you want to complete the levels with three gold stars. No additional value is given for this accomplishment.

Gold chest

Special golden chest:

Some levels contain special golden chests that require up to 35 gems to open and will give you a stronger item than silver chests do at that level.

Special Golden Chest

Objective chest:

Some levels have the challenge to find the hidden treasure chest, which contains useful technology items.


Agressive chests:

These chests appear like slightly bigger silver chests, but turn into monsters as soon as you try to open them.


Scared chests:

These chests try to run away when you approach them.

IMG 1861

Scared chest